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Landscaping with Native Plants

Native Michigan plants are adapted to thrive in our unique climate and soil and thusly require less maintenance than non-native species.  Native plants also provide shelter and refuge for a variety of native Michigan wildlife species including birds and butterflies.

At Rivertown Landscapes, we are a huge proponent of using native plant species in our landscape designs.  From the use of native Michigan wildflowers and grasses to native trees and shrubs, a Rivertown Landscape is truly a sustainable design for living.

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2 Year Plant Warranty

At Rivertown Landscapes, we work directly with trusted, quality plant suppliers, individually hand-selecting all native Michigan plants for the highest quality and most favorable form.

Additionally, we research and select all plants based on their ability to provide vigorous growth and vitality on individual sites.  All native plants are warranted for a full 2 years.  That’s twice the industry standard.

Have a Question Regarding a Native Plant Species?

If you have any questions regarding a native plant species, we invite you to contact us at 616.866.1700.  We are here to answer any questions you may have.

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