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Vertical Landscapes

In addition to addressing changes in grade and creating usable space, terraces, much like retaining walls, provide the opportunity to define boundaries, accent architecture, and support the site setting in unique and creative ways. 

At Rivertown Landscapes, our terraces and tiered landscaping gardens create elegant vertical landscapes that are ideal for sites with limited space or dramatic changes in grade.  Drawing from your home’s architectural cues, we will design a terrace that cohesively blends into the surrounding topography, terrain, and existing landscaping.

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  • Vertical Landscapes

Many landscape firms fall short of expectations when the materials they choose fail their clients.  At Rivertown, we work directly with trusted, quality suppliers, individually hand-inspecting and selecting our materials for the highest quality and most favorable form.  Be assured that the materials we choose are of the utmost quality, providing a lasting landscape that pleases all the senses.

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If you are interested in adding a terrace to your landscape, we invite you to contact us at 616.866.1700 for a no-obligation consultation.  We’ll perform an initial evaluation of the property and explain how Rivertown Landscapes can help make your landscape dreams become a reality.

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