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Grand Rapids Landscape Design

You’re proud of your home and justifiably so. It only makes sense that its landscaping should reflect your pride and satisfaction in a visual and functional presentation that inspires the mind and wows the spirit.

At Rivertown Landscapes, custom landscaping is both our focus and our passion. With an expert team of veteran landscape designers and meticulous, bonded construction crews, be assured that your home’s landscaping will make a statement. No problems, no budget overruns, no surprises…just spectacular landscape designs.

Landscape Design Is A Collaborative Effort

At Rivertown Landscapes, we’re not mindless order-takers, but neither are we creative prima donnas. Every landscape design is a product of close, individualized collaboration between our landscape designer and you.

We dig deep to discover the wishes, hopes and desires that drive your landscaping vision. Together we’ll explore the possibilities, both traditional and unexpected, that come from harnessing the power of imagination. Your landscape design will live. It will breathe. It will stand as an awe-inspiring declaration of your own personal style.

Proudly Serving West Michigan Including Grand Rapids, Rockford, Ada, East Grand Rapids, Cascade, Holland, Grand Haven, & Muskegon